For the last month or so, media watchers, investors and people interested in a democratic press have been monitoring a story about FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s proposal to revise and relax media ownership rules.

Currently,  the government limits the number of newspapers, radio stations and TV stations that any one company can own in a single market. The revised rules would allow companies to own multiple outlets in a single market.

What’s at stake? Some say the very future of the media business hangs in the balance. Without the relaxed rules, some worry that TV, radio and newspaper companies will not be able to sustain themselves and eventually go out of business.

Others say the proposed revisions would give a handful of large businesses the power to strangle the diverse voices that come with having a variety of independently-owned outlets.

Bill Moyers covered the issue on his PBS show.

Earlier this month, Bob Garfield examined the proposal, as well as the FCC’s moves to give apartment dwellers the ability to choose their own cable providers, rather than being locked into whatever exclusive deal the apartment owner has signed.

If you want to weigh in on the media ownership rule review, make a public comment to the FCC’s website. You have until Dec. 11.