Check it out: Digg Images is live. And Photobucket includes Digg links on all its pages.

As of this moment, the most recent images were “made popular” 11 days ago. Let’s give it 24 hours to see how quickly the community catches on.


Digg will finally open a user-submitted photo section sometime tonight, along with an improved tag structure.

In fact, you may find that you can’t get very deep to Digg for the moment, ’cause the tech crew needs to “make some changes.”

The launch could suck away traffic from sites that host user-submitted photos and video, but we’ll have to see just what the page and the features look like — and how much pull Digg still has.

One way to attract and retain user submissions is to become the dominant player in your local readership area, in other words, to be bigger than Digg in your market. Since people like to hear and see their names in the news, I’d suggest making that a bigger part of your news strategy.