It seems all media organizations large and small are scrambling for direction and product differentiation on- and offline, even as they struggle with bleak forecasts for the future.

Today, the Knight Digital Media Center announced News Leadership 3.0, a new forum for “newsroom leaders” to discuss and offer solutions for their biggest newsroom challenges, including adjusting mindsets and culture, encouraging adaptation, and forging new ground in digital journalism.

It’ll be interesting to see who participates. Just as the news industry has fractionalized, so have the forums in which to discuss the business — now, there’s a group for every stripe, specialization, and professional permutation.

The irony, of course, is that as Mindy McAdams once told me, the luminaries within these groups all tend to be the same individuals.

So while the spirit and intention of the new Knight blog is to be commended, I wonder whether the people participating, in addition to the ideas, will be both new and influential.