Some Ricochet readers have emailed me to express their appreciation for what’s become known as the “Landing on Your Feet List.”

You say you like the upbeat and forward-looking attitude of the post, and I thank you. But you also say you feel angry and blind-sided by widespread layoffs and want to know where you can let loose about the state of the industry at large.

Readers are welcome to post something in the moderated comments here with the usual caveats about language and personal threats. There are plenty of other places to vent as well, all well-read:

  • CJR, the Columbia Journalism Review, has called for your thoughts in 1,500 words or less. So far, the entries have been sober.
  • If you’re in the mood to rant without revealing your name, Kiyoshi Martinez’s is the place for you. Anonymity guaranteed, according to the site.
  • Romenesko at Poynter Online has been cataloging the slow demise of the newspaper industry and is considered one of the go-to sites for the latest trade news and gossip. Plenty of comments have been logged there.
  • LA Times employees have been turning to TellZell for cathartic release. Other Tribune Co. blogs are linked in the “Everybody Has a Zell Sucks Blog” section.

Do you have a preferred site? Feel free to add it in comments.