Ricochet celebrates its first year in publication this month. To thank you for being a part of the community here, we’re doing a series of holiday giveaways.

Christmas Gifts by Brungrrl on Flickr

For the first round, we’ve got one copy of “The Wire,” Season 4 on DVD up for grabs.

The overarching themes of the show (set in Baltimore) were the failures of the educational system and local law enforcement.

For the Ricochet Giveaway “Wire” round, we want to see examples of reporting about police and education programs that have worked or are showing clear signs of improvement in the community.

The Rules:

  • One entry per person.
  • The entry must be from a community blog, news blog or news outlet — mainstream or not.
  • The entry must be mostly original reporting. Links within the report are fine.
  • The entry should come from a community you have ties to. It doesn’t have to be your employer, it doesn’t have to be your own work, and it doesn’t have to be an all-text + photo piece. Video, slideshows and interactives are welcome.
  • Entries from smaller outlets would be very much appreciated.
  • Deadline: Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

To Enter: Post the link to your entry in comments. Include contact info. Again, one entry per person, please.

To Win: Winner will be chosen by random drawing and announced here and on Twitter on Dec. 15 at 10 p.m. ET. The drawing result is final, as is the prize, which we’ll send to you via Amazon.com.

Let other reporters and bloggers know about this contest too. There is bound to be a lot of good work on the Web in police and education reporting. And if you enter, good luck!

Photo: Brungrrl/Flickr