Let’s say you don’t want to surf from website to website to watch the Obama inauguration on Jan. 20. What do you do? Create a widget page, of course.

Hulu has an embeddable a live stream of the Fox News broadcast, with a handy countdown:

Though it’s not up yet, MSNBC will also have an embeddable player on their site.

The Washington Post a mapped content mashup in TimeSpace: Inauguration:

Twitter messages tagged #inaug09 float by on NPR’s Inauguration Report widget, released earlier today:

Flickr has an official slideshow (mentioned previously). Photobucket has one too:

And several widget-making sites allow you to roll your own, pulling RSS feeds from multiple sources. Thingfo has put one together and included their list of RSS sources:

Do you know of others? Share them in comments.

(Photo: acnatta/Flickr / CC BY 2.0)