There are many, many things in this world to be interested in, and one of the major challenges is how to keep up with them all.

Every day, I bookmark and Instapaper lots of things that I mean to deeply explore when I get the time. But as I’ve told many people — journalism students full of fire, ambition and a limited ability to unitask especially — time is our most precious asset, one we all tend to manage badly.

Instead of flailing and failing to keep up, sometimes the best strategy is to sit back and wait for someone who’ll make our lives a little easier.

Today, one of those people was Andy Baio, a.k.a. Waxpancake. He pulled together a solid roundup of WikiLeaks Cablegate reportage, data sensemaking and commentary.

I jumped to two links right away: Dan Gillmor taking everyone to task with “A few questions about the Wikileaks release” and Blake Estrin of The New Yorker’s thoughtful essay about data, privacy and trust.

Should you desire further critical analysis, spend some time with “Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; ‘To destroy this invisible government’” by Aaron Bady, which I was led to via a discussion on Hacker News.

It’s all worth reading if you have the time.

Additional links: