It was great to see so many people excited about yesterday’s post on understanding API documentation. And better still, it was encouraging to see people succeed in the first exercise.

Being able to read API docs is like being able to read any foreign language: You improve through daily practice. So for today, let’s stick with movie reviews.

I hope you’ve got a Netflix account. If so, work through Joseph Smarr’s Netflix API tutorial. When you’re done, you’ll have a personalized list of RSS reader-ready movie ratings, reviews, and recent DVD returns.

If you’ve got questions as you’re working through the tutorial, post them in comments and try to help each other. I’ll pitch in too. Afterward, you’ll be ready for something completely different, so we’ll take a look at the Bitly API on Wednesday.

If you need a little break while you’re working through the Netflix example, enjoy the fascinating video below that explains the Stuxnet computer virus. This kinetic type explainer was created for Australia’s “Hungry Beast” news show on ABC1.

Video: Patrick Clair/Vimeo