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Downtown Toronto will go dark at 8 p.m. Saturday as citizens turn out the lights to observe Earth Hour, a World Wildlife Fund campaign to raise global awareness of the human impact on the environment.

The Toronto Star staff produced a map of participants, but apparently was overwhelmed by the response and didn’t map all 1,163 places.

Nevertheless, it appears the area stretching from York to East York is going to be very, very dark.

Toronto Star Earth Hour Map

Toronto is just one of 26 flagship cities that will take part in the event. The Star is preparing readers for their hour of darkness with special coverage, which began with the breathtaking “Airsick” video (posted here in January).

It would have been fun and useful to have a separate map or map overlay of events instead of text listings by neighborhood.

Still, kudos to the staff for spending time on a project that serves its community.

More information can be found on the Earth Hour site and, of course, there’s an official Flickr pool.

With March Madness fully upon is, the question everyone seems to be asking is, “Where’s a good sports bar that has my favorite team’s game on?”

In New York, MapFaced has come to the rescue. The site, which is still in private beta, has a map of sports bars hosting NCAA March Madness broadcasts.


Scroll further down the page and you’ll see the schools divided by region alongside the name of the bar and a link to the map point. It’s simple and therefore brilliant.


When MapFaced launches (they say by Memorial Day), people will be able to map food and drink crawls. Imagine the possibilities beyond sports: theme eating, wines/beers/spirits, holidays; Sunday food samples at grocery stores…