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Ira Glass broke a lot of newswriting rules when he first started the radio show that would become the wildly popular weekly series, “This American Life.”

His stories weren’t fact-supplemental fact-quote or soundbite from a source, but anecdotes told the way broadcast instructors always urge: like you were telling your friends something fascinating.

If you like the “This American Life” sound and story structure, here’s something you’ll enjoy: a four-part video interview with Ira on how to tell stories.

Earlier, I embedded the first video in the series. Then I realized that’s the one you’re most likely to watch. But the really good one, from a content maker’s perspective, is the third segment. So here it is.

Ira Glass This American Life posterFor more about Ira and his show, read:

Photo: Scott Beale/Laughing Squid/Flickr

This weekend several members and supporters of the Society for News Design met to rethink and rebuild its multifaceted website. The site will have a new look, new features and better integration among its many parts.

Society for News Design hackathon weekend

Chris Amico’s Tools for News is now part of the website. You’ll find it at

William Couch is comping what will become the new member directory.

A host of people are working on a revised job listings page.

You’ll see changes happen bit by bit over the coming months.

Thanks to Tyson Evans and Matt Mansfield for organizing the hackathon.