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There are probably dozens of obituaries and rememberances of Paul Newman out today from news sources big and small all over the world.

The actor, race car driver and philanthropist died Friday at his home in Westport, Conn., at the age of 83 after battling lung cancer.

Perhaps the most touching tribute comes from Newman’s Own, the food company founded by the actor and his author friend, A.E. Hotchner. While a journalistic approach would forbid the use of music, there’s a lot to be learned from the structure, simplicity and craft in the four-minute video below.

Garrett Hubbard takes questions during a live Q&A online.
(Photograph by H. Darr Beiser/USA Today © 2008, used with permission)

Click below to read some of Garrett’s answers.


Garrett Hubbard, video journalist for USA Today, has graciously agreed to a live chat about video journalism beginning 3:45 p.m. ET this Thursday on Ricochet. Click here to join in.

Staffers, freelancers and blogger alike can ask Garrett about how to creating arresting videos that tell engaging news stories.

Check out his work at his blog, Stories of Light and Color, and bring your questions. This will be a great opportunity to improve your technique and learn from someone in the field.

Here’s one example: “DNC Protest Turns Violent.” Garrett called it, “Definitely a day of adrenaline!

NBC may have a death grip on the U.S. broadcast of the Summer Olympics, but that hasn’t stopped other outlets from coming up with different ways to cover the Beijing Games online. Here are a few medal-contending approaches you may have missed.

Bird's Nest Beijing Olympics Venue, photo by Rich115 on Flickr

Soaring Over the Bar” from the New York Times
American gymnast Justin Spring explains the mechanics of some of his tricks (moves) on the high bar in this combo news graphic-video-audio feature. The video’s a little grainy and the difficulty legend in the lower left-hand corner could do a better job (is A the hardest or the easiest?), but we give the news organization props for another great interactive. Go Team NYT.

Now Diving: Sir Isaac Newton” from The Wall Street Journal
With the Journal’s reputation as the country’s dominant business news outlet and as the home of personal tech guru Walt Mossberg, it’s easy to forget they cover other subjects too.

This sparkling article by Barry Newman explains the evolution of the low-tech DiveCam in the high-tech Water Cube. It also includes an interactive graphic that demonstrates how the DiveCam works. Click to watch the diver plunge into the pool over … and over …. It’s geeky, but so much fun. Go Team WSJ.

Off the Wall: Foot Massage” from the Associated Press
(Go to the “Interactives” box, scroll down and click the title)
Say what you want about the Associated Press’s business policies, their reporters are still top contenders in solid reporting and creative story ideas. This video by John Marshall is a gem of the latter category.

Marshall has been sampling Beijing’s culture outside the Olympic venues in a video series called “Off The Wall.” In this piece, he took his tired dogs to a local foot massage spa and got an experience much different than he expected. Listen to the nat sound and the narrative. It’ll make you smile. Go Team AP.

Fourth-Place Medal’s Investigative Unit from Yahoo Sports
A team of Yahoos has been writing a rip-roaring Olympics blog and doing what bloggers to best: acting on reader questions. They call the posts “Olympic mysteries.” So far they’ve answered:

  • Who was that mas linda Paraguan marching in the opening ceremony?
  • Where was swimmer Cullen Jones during the rowdy 4×100 men’s relay celebration that kept Michael Phelps’s gold medal record hopes alive and solidified Jason Lezak’s reputation as the team’s strongest closer?
  • Why do divers shower between each dive?
  • What’s that black stuff on beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh’s shoulder?
  • And from a question asked last night during Michael Phelps’s 200 meter IM race, what’s on the golden Olympian’s iPod playlist?

The off-the-cuff blog has an enthusiastic following, judging by reader comments. Expect live-blogging and reader reaction again tonight as Phelps whips through water in the 100 meter fly, and women take to the track in the 10,000 meter final. Go Team 4PM.