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One of the most popular posts of 2008 was “What Comes After a Career at a Newspaper?” If you’ve found a new role or started a new business after taking a buyout or being laid off last year, leave a comment to let people know what you’re up to. We’ll also add you to the list.

Lewis Hamilton Indianapolis Grand Prix 2007 by Chris Richards on Flickr

In other housekeeping news, you can now keep up with Ricochet on Facebook. We’re looking for ways to start and integrate discussion in two places at once. If you’ve got some ideas, please share.

And finally, where do you and other local journalists hang out before, between and after hours? Last March, Marketwatch ran a fun video about the closure of famous watering holes for scribblers that, ironically, has itself disappeared.

In today’s age of being socially connected all of the time, is there any value in having a local hangout? If so, where do you and your cohort gather?

Photo: ChrisMRichards/Flickr

Web users are facing an identity crisis. As the public – readers, potential employers, coworkers – continue Googling each other to learn more about who they’re reading, there’s more potential for spoofing.

Daniel Schawbel on Social Media Today wrote a post with some solid advice about claiming your name on popular social networking and blog sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn and

Though the idea of staking a claim on myriad plots of Web territory seems daunting, we journalists are in a business where credibility, trust and reputation do matter.

It’s worth thinking about. And if this sounds familiar, it’s cause this subject has come up before.