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Pulitzer prize-winner Gene Weingarten wrote a funny ode to copy editors in his Sunday column for the Washington Post.

From start to finish, it’s an entertaining frolic that defends the craft. Editors and management should read it and think twice about slashing entire copy desks when layoff time comes around.

Weingarten won acclaim for his 2007 profile of classical violinist Joshua Bell busking in a Washington subway station. People called it innovative and unusual. There was a lot of ooohing and ahhing when the time-lapse video was posted to the Post’s website a few days later.

Turns out the seed for his story was planted long ago. But I’ll let Weingarten tell the tale.

A friend who loves news but isn’t in the news business forwarded this to me. It’s a pretty dead-on, yet sad commentary on the state of cable news.

I wonder what kind of traffic Linton Weeks’ story has been getting since it went up?

As mentioned in Romenesko on Tuesday, the former features editor hid a message in his review of a speech by John Updike.

Weeks was among more than 100 WaPo reporters who took a buyout.

(Photo by TheMacDiva/Flickr)

The Yahoo takeover fund.

Not everyone is grousing in newsland.

I recently mentioned the launch of, an anonymous rant site for news people fed up with their jobs.

Just a few days ago, Denver Post programmer Joe Murphy accentuated the positive by launching upbeat confessional site

Though there aren’t nearly as many posts, many of them include names and links. In addition, Murphy has a spinoff post that suggests other as-yet unclaimed domains, including and IwishIwasajournalistbutIgotintoPRinstead(.com).

There is something to smile about amid the chaos and cutbacks.

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