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Down in Miami, people are recovering from a massive power outage.

Now that the power’s back to most of the city, I expect We Media Miami will be kicking off.

In addition to scanning Twitter and following Web posts by other attendees, conference organizer iFocos has an embeddable widget that carries the latest from the official blog.

Not a bad way to spread the word.

TED, the elite meeting of big thinkers in a wide variety of fields, including media and technology, has put one ticket up for auction on Ebay. As of this post, the bid is $33,535.00.

The normal cost of entry is an invitation and at least $6,000. Though the conference has a good reputation as a place to be inspired and to make influential contacts, I ask you: What meeting is worth more than five times the normal cost?

Perhaps this is all the more reason to look to not-so-glittery gatherings, such as unconferences like PodCamp, and Good Experience Live.