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My colleagues at have launched TimeSpace: World, a way to dig through articles, video, photos and commentary in any given day from across the globe.

The method takes away the hierarchy imposed by a page layout. Instead, you get to quickly filter what you’re interested in and embed or share it by clicking on the “share” button to the right of the overlay.

This is the second iteration of TimeSpace, and there are more improvements to come, including a “play the day” feature. You’ll be seeing more changes in January.

Other news organizations, particularly in Europe, have come up with news maps of their own. Got any favorites?

It’s the end of the week, which means time for Ricochet’s One for Fun.

Today, I’m giving away private beta invites.

Update: All the invites are gone. If I get more in the future, I’ll post a new note.

Mapfaced allows users to create, search for and rate food and drink crawls in New York City. It’s positioned to be part map mashup, part Yelp.

Evernote is a multiplatform notetaking and clip organizing tool. It’s been around since at least 2005, but the new incarnation allows you to pass clips to Evernote from PCs (Windows XP/Vista) and Macs (Leopard), phones running Windows Media, and Web browsers (Firefox 2, Safari 3, IE7).

There’s even an alpha test of IMAP support, so iPhone users can browse, clip and send to an Evernote account too.

Want to check either of these out? Post a comment telling me which site you’d like to try (one site only) and your email. And if you have a favorite bar or restaurant you’d like to recommend, post that too.

I’ve only got a few invites for each site. First come, first served.