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The TED conference has been surrounded by some pretty heavy mystique since its inception almost 20 years ago.

This year’s conference seems to be changing that. In addition to the main conference in Monterey, Calif., 300 people are in Colorado, attending a simultaneous gathering at TED@Aspen.

Ted PrizeTED organizers announced they’ll be live streaming the TED Prize ceremony today at 5:15 p.m Pacific Time.

The TED Prize is awarded to those whose work extends beyond their area of specialty to educate, inform and enlighten people around the world.

This year’s winners are Karen Armstrong, a former Roman Catholic nun who has become an authority on comparative religion; Dave Eggers, author, philanthropist and founder of the 826 writing labs for kids; and Neil Turok, a cosmologist and education activist.

In addition to the $100,000 prize, the recipients are granted a wish that’s fulfilled through donated goods, services and connections.

What does this have to do with news? Aside from the conference being something of news itself, it may spark broader thinking about the nature of news, and what is possible online. Each one of the recipients started in a single calling and through curiosity and application expanded and shared their body of knowledge.

Learn more about this year’s TED Prize recipients and read up on live blogs from the conference before watching the ceremony.

TED, the elite meeting of big thinkers in a wide variety of fields, including media and technology, has put one ticket up for auction on Ebay. As of this post, the bid is $33,535.00.

The normal cost of entry is an invitation and at least $6,000. Though the conference has a good reputation as a place to be inspired and to make influential contacts, I ask you: What meeting is worth more than five times the normal cost?

Perhaps this is all the more reason to look to not-so-glittery gatherings, such as unconferences like PodCamp, and Good Experience Live.