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Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan Williams opened the Online News Association 2009 conference with a discussion about the service, how it’s changed and what plans the company has in store. Watch the livestream:

You can also watch Leo Laporte’s keynote and the ONA Online Journalism Awards ceremony. Video from ONA09 panel sessions are free for members, $25 for non-members. Details on how to watch those are here.

Ever wonder what the most popular links are within your circle of friends and trusted sources?

Web Trend Map, a new interactive site, let’s you do that. Created by designer Craig Mod and information architect iA Inc., the website maps selected Twitter users and displays the trending links among those users off to the side.

The site was sorely lacking in food-related maps, so in the spirit of my most recent post, I made one.

Are there any food bloggers/makers/photographers you love who are on Twitter? Let me know and I’ll consider them for inclusion.

Craig and iA write more about the thinking behing Web Trend Map on their site. And if the words “web trend map” sound familiar, it’s ’cause iA Inc. is the company behind the popular Web trends infographic, now available as a poster.