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Yahoo Hack DayI came up with a Yahoo Hack Day idea that I hope will be fun and useful. To get it to work well, I need sample data. Could you take this survey and ask others to do so, too? Thank you.

If I can stay awake long enough, I may have the seed of my project ready to submit by the noon deadline. If not, I’ll continue chopping at this in the days and weeks to come until I do have something viable.

Mobile is the next big thing for news organizations, but not everyone has the time or manpower needed to create a site that looks good and works on all, or at least most, phones.

Google to the rescue.

DownloadSquad points out that anyone with an RSS feed can create a link for Google Reader’s mobile site by adding the feed URL to the prefix:

For example,
will create a live RSS link that goes straight go GReader. Try it here.

Its not foolproof, but it does appear to work for Feedburner URLs.

A similar workaround may be available for Yahoo!Go, Yahoo’s mobile application, but I haven’t found one yet. Hints or pointers would be appreciated.