I was contacted recently by a guy looking for search engines that specialized in searches of cell phone-optimized sites. Aside from pointing him to a list and the forums at Search Engine Watch, I wasn’t sure what to tell him.

But it’s obvious that as people become more reliant on cell phones for news, information and entertainment, companies are going to have to move quickly to become the dominant sites for users.

Today, Google launched My Locator, which will probably be a boon to metro area residents and travelers who get lost easily. Though there’ve been early reports of dropouts and signal no-shows, I have a feeling plenty of people will come to rely on the free service rather than relying on a fee-based like TeleNav.

I wonder if Yahoo will have an answer product?

By the way, the Google Mappers have also produced a very basic coverage database that shows which map aspects of what countries are loaded into their system.

Meanwhile, Cyber University in Japan is offering a mobile class (or at least the PowerPoint slides and audio lecture) about Egypt’s pyramids.

Have you recently launched a mobile site or application that pushes the envelope? Lemme know.