News is the stuff we put around the advertising.
— Quoted by so many people in news and advertising no one remembers who said it first

Yesterday a group of journalists of varying experience and expertise got together to do something about advertising. That’s right: News people were proposing ideas for making money.

The one-day sprint, Revenue 2.0, took a “less chat, more splat” approach to revenue solutions for mobile, classified ads, ads for small- and medium-sized business, and display ads used (or not) on the homepage.

The classified ads proposal is up on the #rev2oh site.

Notes from the other teams will be posted tomorrow morning. From what SND President Matt Mansfield tells me, the concepts-oriented document I wrote on behalf of the homepage and display ads team will go up on SND Update with mockups from team members Kristen Novak and David Kordalski.

Meanwhile, read the thoughtful day-after post by Patrick Cooper and the #rev2oh tweet archive.