It’s true what they say: You might graduate school, but you never stop learning.

CAR 2011 logoTomorrow is the start of the annual CAR Conference, where “computer-assisted reporters” (affectionately referred to as data nerds, jounocoders, and “those spreadsheet geeks over there”) get together for deep education. As one attendee puts it, it’s where journalists learn and demonstrate how to do things. And that’s pretty great.

I’ll be in town to attend the NewsCamp data visualization workshop, where luminaries like Amanda Cox, Daniel Lathrop and Martin Wattenberg will teach a gamut of dataviz skills. The unofficial attendee list looks pretty spectacular too.

If you’re attending and we haven’t met (or seen each other in a while), say hi. If you can’t make it, Computerworld’s online managing editor Sharon Machlis will be collecting notable info in the window below. You can also follow along via Twitter by searching on “NICAR.”