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The National Association of Hispanic Journalists hosted a multimedia workshop at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism earlier today.

It’s one of the newest schools in the country, built within the walls of the former New York Herald Tribune, and running since fall 2006.

Not many people have been there yet, so here’s a look around the lobby.

A photo montage on one of the walls had a quote that seems especially appropriate, given the speed at which news flows online. Click it to see more pictures from inside the school.

CUNY announced Friday that it will offer continuing education classes to its alumni for a small fee.

Constant learning is always a good thing, and given the facility, its equipment and its instructors, dedicated alumni are likely to seize the opportunity.

Will Sullivan of Journerdism pointed to an incredible film on the Toronto Star website.

Shot by staff photojournalist Lucas Oleniuk and composed entirely of still images, the film — that’s right, film — “Airsick” calls on Star readers to join with other cities worldwide in shutting off all lights for an hour March 29, an action that’s meant to bring attention to human impact on climate change.

The Earth Hour idea was first proposed last year by the Sydney Morning Herald. According to the SMH website, more than 2 million residents shut off their lights and caused a 10.2% drop in energy usage across the city.

The Star hopes to replicate the results. Pretty powerful stuff, I must say. If there is anything that could be improved about the execution, it would be allowing people to embed the film on their own sites.